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Leaving Jerusalem, Keeping the Inspiration Going

  One of our women's program executive learners, Vivi, has recently departed Jerusalem.  We wanted to share this wonderful video she posted, as well as, her most recent blog post about her experience with us. Vivi Thank you for joining us. It was amazing having you learn with us! Via: Hello Dear Friends,  I am back in the USA! Above is a photo of me with one of the wonderful young women in the  Mayanot program  that I so loved. And here are several of the other ๐Ÿ’•precious ladies…  ๐Ÿ’ž✨๐Ÿ’•✨ As you can see, the women are much younger than me! I sometimes got confused and thought I was 19 again, Lol!   It could easily have been a mismatch but it was nothing but. The young women, the teachers and the learning were magnificent. The short video below shows the first steps of bringing this shining inspiration and learning back into every day life. Thank you to  Mayanot I

Mayanot Alumni Couple Are New Shluchim to Roswell, Georgia

  We are very proud of alumni couple Chaim and Menucha Schwartz, who are going out on shluchos in Georgia, it wasn't that long ago that Chaim was learning in Jerusalem with us at Mayanot and Menucha was a student mentor for the women's program. We wish them both hatzlacha raba on their shluchus.  Article via :  Rabbi Chaim  &  Menucha Schwartz  have been appointed as the Shluchim to Roswell, Georgia, where they will establish a new Chabad house to serve the growing local community. Chaim is returning to the community where he grew up, having spent his childhood years in Roswell where he attended local schools and college. Chaim was inspired on his Jewish journey through contact with Chabad on campus at UGA , followed by several years of study at Mayanot , receiving Semicha, and then spending time at the Kollel in New Haven, CT . Menucha is from the Boston area. She graduated high school from Mons

The Mayanot Summer Learning Program

The Mayanot Summer Learning Program July 5 – Aug 9, 2022 5 Amazing weeks in Jerusalem Apply at Connect with Israel Delve into the classical texts of Judaism Gain Hebrew language skills Experience all Jerusalem has to offer Meet college students and young professionals from around the world Experience Judaism’s timeless wisdom and dynamic spirituality For more information: [email protected] For more information: [email protected] Masa Scholarships available The Mayanot Women's Campus Program Page   The Mayanot Men's Campus Program Page For information on our Summer Internship Program , click here.

Rabbi Shemtov's Brother In Law, Shliach in Ukraine Needs Our Help!

R'Shemtov's brother-in-law is a shliach in Ukraine, currently based out of Maldova and giving hundreds of meals to Ukrainian refugees. He is in desperate need of funds to feed those in desperate need of food, medicine and essentials.  Please help spread this link and let everyone know, if they want to directly help Ukrainian refugees this is how to do it.  Donate here: Chabad of Obolon needs our help! #FeedingUkraine A letter from Rabbi and Rebbetzin Gopin: Dear Friends, As I am sure you have heard and read, the situation in Kiev is dire and  getting worse. Entire families, many with elderly family members and young children are forced to spend their days and nights in dark and cold bomb shelters. Due to the lockdown and the danger, there is a shortage of food, medicine, and basic necessities. Those that are brave enough are trying to escape through difficult journeys, they too need our help. Today, more than ever, the jewish community i

Meet the couple setting up a religious home in Israel's North

Alyssa, 26, and Thomas, 28 Cohn: From North Carolina to Migdal Ha'emek, 2020 (photo credit: Jonathan Ben-Kiki) Via: Alumnae Miri Birk, Shlucha at Cornell University connected an amazing student many years ago named Alyssa to Mayanot. Now Alyssa has recently been featured in the Jerusalem Post for building a home for many in Israel's north with her husband. We are so happy and proud of both her and her husband and of course thank Rebbetzin Birk for encouraging her to attend!  May they continue to be blessed with much success.  Article Via:  The Cohns have made a good start in finding their feet in northern Israel. The last year and a half were an eventful period for Alyssa and Thomas Cohn, partly due to the constraints of  COVID-19 . During that period they  made aliyah  to the North with their toddler son (now two-and-a-half), without the assurance a pilot trip might have provided and witho