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A Worthwhile Way To Spend Your Time?

It is obvious that today’s world is fast moving. Every piece of information is available in our pockets, people can talk face-to-face with their friends on the other side of the world, and kids hover around on electric gadgets.    We are living in a 1950’s science fiction novella.    This seeps into our subconscious, and many people find themselves moving from experience to experience, while still finding it difficult to take in the moment.    With all of our advancement, and the benefits that comes along with it, we also suffer the pitfalls of not being fully attached to our reality.    This issue, however, is something that can be worked on, believe it or not, by dedicating time towards  learning in Yeshivah!  A person can begin to develop a sensitivity towards how we spend our time, while learning Torah.    Time is a space in which we live our lives, and it is divided up into moments; and, it is within these moments that life is experienced.    It is easily missed, but wh

Partnering With Amazing Leaders

We are so honored to work with such incredible Rabbi's  and educators, who make such a positive impact.  Rabbi Chaim Lipskier (kneeling, bottom left)  with the group of students from the May Birthright Israel: Mayanot trip. Via:  Heritage Florida Jewish News Rabbi Chaim Lipskier , co-director of Chabad at the University of Central Florida, returned home tired but happy after leading his 18th Birthright Israel trip. More than 700 students have joined Rabbi Lipskier on the Birthright Israel: Mayanot tours over the last nine years, while another 600 have gone on trips organized by Chabad of UCF. The 10-day trip travels all around the Holy Land, seeing ancient and modern sites, taking in Israel's history, culture, politics and stunning natural beauty. The intensive tour gives the participants a deep insight into their Jewish identity and its connection to the Jewish homeland. Rabbi Lipskier joined the trips to act as a spiritual leader, while expert Israe

Your Glowing Reviews

We reached out to our amazing Facebook community of students and alumni and requested our followers share their experiences at Mayanot with us. Here are a few of the glowing reviews we received. (Yes we are shamelessly self promoting, but we knew our readership would appreciate these, almost as much as we do!!!) Thank you to everyone that responded and shared their experiences with us! To view all 50 recommendations or write a review yourself, click here . Mayanot Women's Program is not a one-time experience, but a place that continues to provide warmth, support, and family for the rest of your life. I came to Mayanot at two different times in my life, and I was amazed to find that it completely adapted and was able to fill the role that I needed it to during those different times. Mayanot allows for a lot of independence and flexibility in Jewish studies, and therefore attracts the most incredible, dedicated, curious girls to the program.  The staff and teachers are