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Summer 2021 - A Birthright Israel season like no other

  Mayanot's Summer 2021 Birthright Israel season has come and gone. Like every Mayanot season in years past, stories have been written, memories have been created and journeys have been traveled. But as you can imagine, there was just something different.  After 15 months  without  our Birthright groups on the ground, our first group touched down at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport in the early AM hours of May 27. 20 happy campers and their staff members in tow. Smiles. Awe. Excitement. And, perhaps even a little shock at finally being in Israel after the world was turned upside down by Covid 19.  " Right when we got off the plane the Rabbi said 'Welcome home', and I knew I was right where I belong" said Rachel, who participated in that first trip.  That gratitude and appreciation for being in Israel - specifically at this time - permeated the groups throughout the summer. With smaller groups due to restrictions, each participant felt they had the o