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Win a trip to Israel with Mayanot’s Latest Fundraising Initiative!

Mayanot’s latest fundraising initiative, the ‘Mayanot Scholarship Raffle’ began this past May and has had tremendous success so far. The initiative is an exciting new campaign that calls on Alumni to sell 5 tickets to parents, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances. The raffle features a grand prize of a dream vacation to Jerusalem for two, which includes 2 business class tickets to Israel, a one week stay in the luxurious David Citadel Hotel and a car rental.  Other exciting prizes include an Apple iPad Air and a beautiful pair of gem earrings! The initiative is being piloted by Rabbi Moshe Silver, project coordinator for Mayanot Alumni in the United States. Rabbi Silver commented about the importance of the campaign, “ There is nothing more significant than giving interested students the opportunity to learn about yiddishkeit, when they otherwise  wouldn't  have any chance to engage.” Mayanot is excited by the response of alumni and frien