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Mayanot Summer Program Visits Shiloh

  The Mayanot Men’s Learning program  in Jerusalem went on one of many amazing full day trips to Shiloh this summer.   Accompanied by an experienced tour guide and planned by Rabbi Yossi Shemtov, the Yeshiva was able to experience Israel's historical spiritual center firsthand. The students visited the location where the Mishkan stood for hundreds of years and learned about the importance and holiness of the site.   They then visited Har Gerizim , located near the Tomb of Yosef, overlooking schem. Over half the Men's Summer Program, approximately 100 students, had the privilege of experiencing the site where our ancestors received blessings when they entered the Land of Israel. Walking in the footsteps of our forefathers and deepening our understanding and connection to the Land, we bring learning to life at Mayanot. Many students shared, “how amazing the experience was and how life-altering it is to see the Biblical stories come alive and imagine what it must have bee

Mayanot Summer Program Tours Chevron

Last week, the Mayanot summer program  took a trip to Chevron  with scholar in residence Rabbi Eli Silberstein, Chabad of Cornell University.  Last week, the Mayanot summer program took a trip to Chevron with scholar in residence Rabbi Eli Silberstein, Chabad of Cornell University.  Where the students had the opportunity to daven by maaras hamachpeila, visit the Chevron cemetery and see different view points in the city.  After which the students visited an ancient village in Beit Guvrin and also the spot where David and Goliath’s battle occurred. Photos courtesy of Muli Berger, Mayanot Shliach 2022 

Alumnus visits Mayanot after 23 years of being a shliach and inspiring German Jewry.

Alumnus visits Mayanot after 23 years of being a shliach and inspiring German Jewry. (Rabbi Yitzchak Mendel Wagner is one of the first German-born rabbis   to be serving in Germany since the Holocaust, here he is with his family, in the home of R’Shemtov.) Mayanot was very excited to welcome back, Rabbi Yitzchak Mendel Wagner, during his visit to Jerusalem, after all the inspiring work he and his family have done over the past two decades. He is one of the first rabbis ordained in post-Holocaust Germany and the first in Krefeld in 70 years, who has made major inroads in German Jewish revival. “We are very proud of all of our alumni”, said Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov , executive director of the Mayanot Institute . “But especially of Rabbi Wagner who came to Mayanot 23 years ago with a thirst to study everything about Judaism. You could see from the very beginning it was not just for himself but to strengthen the community back in Germany and around the world.” Shemtov added, “Many students h

What I'm Taking With Me After Mayanot

A beautiful and articulate 'Mayanot Exit Interview' we thought we'd share! Thank you Noam Shahar , Mayanot alumni 2022 for sharing and really relaying your experience.  Q. Please describe your Mayanot experience: R. Mayanot was honestly an absolutely amazing experience. I thought I'd come for a few months and stayed for a year and a half.  After briefly seeing a few other Yeshivas, I see what Mayanot does really right. First off, it's a great group of guys who are very down to earth people but who want something more and something real out of this life. I had more real conversations about life during a lunch break than I would have in a year in my pre-religious days.  Rabbi Shemtov told me, before I left, that Mayanot is great at keeping guys normal. And I really see what he means by that now. The guys don't lose their personality, but at the same time manage to change their worldview and lifestyle to something much greater. On top of that, the Rabbis are wonder