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Mayanot Launches a Yeshiva Revolution

Over the last few weeks, some of Mayanot’s most talented lecturers journeyed to North America, like wellsprings going forth, spreading the Mayanot message to college students across the United States and Canada. Rabbi Shneur Wineberg, Director of Admissions, Rabbi Meir Levinger , Director of the Mayanot Women’s Program, Rabbi Boruch Kaplan , and Rabbi Moderchai Guth visited over 50 universities across the United States and Canada. This was Mayanot’s largest and most expansive North American tour, reaching out to and encouraging many college students to consider taking time to come to Israel and learn more deeply about their Jewish heritage. Faith and Rationality was the lecture title for Rabbi Guth’s talk at Binghamton University. Rabbi Levi Slonim of Chabad at Binghamton and a member of the Chabad on Campus Yeshiva Initiative Vaad, said “It was great! Rabbi Guth was amazing, the students enjoyed it, and even students we wouldn't have thought would come - signed