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Alumni Spotlight: An interview with Emily Shaaya

"If you know Alef , teach Alef" Tell us about your background: I attended the University of CA, Irvine where I double-majored and received a B.A. in Spanish and Social Ecology. Thereafter, in 2012 I received my Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. I am a licensed attorney in Los Angeles specializing in criminal defense. From October 2014- July 2018, I served as a Deputy Public Defender for Los Angeles County, representing those in L.A's indigent community facing criminal charges. How did you end up at Mayanot: I attended Mayanot during the Summer session of 2018. While I was initially only supposed to drop in on classes for a few days, I loved the program and the people so much, that those few days turned into the entire five week summer program. What do you feel you gained on the program: Mayanot has strengthened my foundation of Jewish knowledge and increased my desire to continue to learn and grow and share the knowledge I've rec