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Running with Covid: How Mayanot managed to stay open throughout the Pandemic

  At the start of the Covid 19 breakout, the uncertainty was unsettling. Students couldn't decide if they should stay or leave and almost all other Yeshivot were deciding to close and send their students home. Mayanot had that same choice to make, as the safety of the students was their number one concern.  Ultimately, due to needs of the students Mayanot found a way to remain open according to Health Guidelines.   Rabbi Yisroel Noach Wichnin , Rosh Yeshiva at Mayanot shared, “We have a   responsibility to our students and our duty doesn't end because there is Corona. We needed to keep in mind the best interest of our talmidim, their physical health definitely, but also their emotional, spiritual and intellectual health. That is why we at Mayanot decided to stay open.” Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov , Executive Director stated, “Many of our students didn’t have Kosher for Passover homes to go back to and we had a dilemma, so we immediately got in contact with health officials and

Online Winter Program Recordings

At Mayanot, we believe strongly in the power of sharing Torah, spreading it and learning together.  Therefore in addition to our  Soundcloud  and  Spotify  channels with thousands of hours of Torah online, we are happy to share our recent Zoom recordings with you to enjoy during these #Coronatimes.  Feel free to watch the recordings of the Online Winter Program, by clicking on the links below.  ONLINE WINTER PROGRAM: Women's Program Rabbi Schapira: 13 Principles of Faith 1. Link  2. Link  3. Link 4. Link   5. Link   6.  Link   7. Link   Rabbi Cohen: Halacha   1. Link   2. Link   3. Link   4. Link   Rivka Marga Gestetner: Parsha   1. Link   2. Link (starting at 59mins)  3. Link   4. Link   Ronit Lewis: Haftorah  1. Link 2. Link 3. Link   4. Link  

A Tribute To A Great Leader: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Source: Via: Etan Efrati , 2014 Mayanot Men's Program Alumnus News of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks’ passing hit me pretty hard. I had met the man only once, yet through his teachings I felt so close to him. I’ve been reading his book,   Lessons in Leadership , once a week for almost a year. I listened to many of his audio classes and interviews, especially enjoying his appearances in secular mediums, like his   recent interview with Tim Ferriss . It’s not difficult to describe why I am so attracted to Rabbi Sacks’ teachings. He was, in my opinion, a great rabbinic leader who made Torah accessible. His ability to dance between biblical sources, academic references, and business lessons was supremely attractive to my modes of thinking, learning, and perceiving the world around me. My worldview was and will continue to be heavily influenced by his work. I hope that I can play some small part in contributing to Rabbi Sacks’ legacy, which I believe is to embody a fusion of b

Online Winter Session with Mayanot

    We're  very excited to offer you the opportunity to join us online this winter.  Mayanot is offering an amazing online winter program starting in less then a week,  with incredible Torah educators and a world class learning schedule. Available from anywhere in the world.  Running from November 8 to December 9th, 2020. For many students that want to continue their learning from the summer and the chagim , or join us for the first time, this is an amazing opportunity to do that. The program is being offered for a minimal fee of $36 for registration with NO additional program costs. For those interested in taking their learning to the next level:   Register here. For any questions email  [email protected]  for the men's program and  [email protected]  fo r the women's program. Can't wait to learn with you!