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Mayanot Goes Viral With Global Learning During Covid-19

(Mayanot Women's Program online global Fabrengen)  We are truly living in unprecedented times. The Israeli Ministry of Health has placed the entire country on a near total lockdown. Schools, restaurants, malls, and places of entertainment, have all been closed. And as of this writing, the ministry is encouraging all Israelis to stay at home 24/7, besides for trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, or any other purposes which constitute an emergency. This is all the result of a tiny microbe, the COVID – 19 or Coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc on the world community. While we might be experiencing a sense of despair, of isolation or loneliness, at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, we have the cure! No, let’s not misunderstand - despite the fact that scientists are hard at work trying to find a vaccine for the virus, while we might not have the Corona cure just yet, we do have the cure for the situation at hand - the continued learning of Torah and a deep faith in

Mayanot Update: Covid-19

For the many people who have inquired, as per the Israeli Health Ministries regulations, Mayanot has made several changes: smaller shifts in the dining room, changes in the dorm area, dividing classes into smaller groups, etc, in order to keep all of the students staying in the Yeshivah as safe as possible!  We are working on an online school for our students and alumni who have gone home early for Pesach break and will hopefully have more information soon. Let us increase our Torah learning, and continue to spread light, elevating the physical world as much as we can! #mayanotstayingstrong #mayanotspreadinglight View our executive director, Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov's, message update on Covid-19, by clicking here .

Purim Insight from an Alumna

In 1988, Bibi Netanyahu visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe who was at that time mourning the passing of his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka. With an intention to console the Rebbe, Bibi shared that it’s at these intense impasses, when a person is for example in אבל (mourning), that we develop an appreciation for moments of joy and pleasure in our life. And to some extent, this is very true. Contrast is rooted deep within us— it becomes the lens through which we view our lives. We as k ourselves daily: do I feel joy in my work, in my relationships, in myself? And often times, we answer these questions with a simple dose of perspective. Of feeling unwell which gives us appreciation for how much we value our bodies when they are healthy, of experiencing distance for a period of time before connecting with a dear friend. But not all joy is contingent on it’s negative counterpart. The Rebbe responded that there’s a higher level of simcha hinted to by Prophet Isaiah, “ומחה ה' דמעה

Building Progress Update: February 2020

Our team is working hard to maximize efficiency as the project moves forward. As of mid-February, the walls for all four upper floors have been completed. We have begun to build the walls on the entrance floor level. View the video to see the latest updates: Introducing our amazing team: Entrance level progress: Basement level progress: Safety Room Construction: Our team is building safety rooms on each floor of the building.  Here are photos of the fourth floor construction, below. Safe Rooms, also known as a "miklat" and popularly known as a  mamad , is a reinforced security room required in all new buildings by Israeli law. It has reinforced concrete walls and ceilings, 20–30 cm thick floors, and airtight steel doors and windows.  Stages of construction: First the outside wood construction is assembled, second the metal beams are assembled and reinforced. Third, concrete is poured inside and fourth, the concrete wall

Mayanot Purim Party

B"H Join us at the Mayanot Shul Purim Party Featuring the Solomon Brothers Band Tuesday March 10th 2020 Maariv 6:15pm Megillah 6:45pm Refreshments and snacks will be served Entrance is free The Mayanot Shul 28 Narkis StreetNachlaot, Jerusalem 2nd Megillah Reading 9:30pm (courtyard on 11 shfaram) Please Note: Wednesday March 11th 2020 Shachrit 8:00am Megillah 8:45am For more information, contact [email protected] Thank you to our generous sponsors: Anonymous Sponsors Efrati Family We thank you all for your wonderful support! Join the Facebook event here.