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Mayanot Launches Online Yeshiva

Mayanot launches unique summer on-line courses for all levels to teach Jews all over the world “how to learn” Torah The Jerusalem-based Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is getting set to launch a unique online summer learning program. This will enable men and women from all over the world to expand their Torah-learning skill set from the comfort of their homes. Register here. A pre-summer “pilot” of on-line classes will be offered starting May 20, via the Zoom video conferencing platform to the general public. Mayanot’s formal summer semester of courses will be offered starting June 15, with three separate levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced Torah classes. There will be courses offered at convenient hours to accommodate Mayanot’s global student body. In addition, a special program will be offered on Sundays to accommodate those unavailable to learn during the week. According to Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov , Executive Director of Mayanot, “Over the y