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Mazal Tov To The Entire Mayanot Family!

May we only continue to celebrate simchas together. Mazal Tov to Mayanot participants Nick & Jillian,  who got engaged on the top of Masada last week!  Babies: Irina and Pesach Alpert had a baby boy Kayla and Alex Bodner had twin boys Chava and Yehuda Bolotin had a baby boy and made an  upshernish  within a week  Serena and Levi Cohen had a baby girl  Ariella and Joe Craven had a baby girl  Mandy and Etan Efrati had a baby girl  Tanya and Amit Friedlander had a baby girl  Gani and Aaron Lazer Goodman had a baby girl Nechama Dina and Rabbi Avraham Hendel had a baby boy  Shmuel and Margalit Hoffman had a baby girl  Elana and Elliot Kahan had a baby boy  Leigh and Daniel Kohn had a baby girl Yehudis and Abraham Levitan had a baby boy Rebecca and Eric Maurer had a baby boy Miriam and Eli Meltzer had a baby boy Nechama and Levi Yitzchak Pevsner had a baby girl  Yutty and Avrohom Polinger had twin boys Yehoshua and Chaya Rubin had twins, a boy and girl  Na

Brothers Uplift At Mayanot Visit

Brothers Rabbi  Chuni Vogel  and Rabbi  Nechemiah Vogel  visited the Mayanot Yeshiva in Jerusalem for more than one reason. The Delaware Jewish community might not be the largest or as well known as communities like New York or Los Angeles, but relative to their size the community is having a great international impact. Under the direction or Rabbi Chuni Vogel , Director of Chabad of Delaware, the community has been bolstered greatly, and the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, in Jerusalem, is experiencing the positives effects of all the students that have come through from Delaware. Current students, Zach Horowitz and Isaiah Coplon of Wilmington Delaware, are just two examples of inspired individuals, who are excited for the upcoming year. “After only a week, my experience at Mayanot has been very eye opening; it is a fantastic feeling to be in a place where I can learn, grow, and experience authentic Judaism in an environment surrounded by passionate, G-d lov

Rabbinical Ordination at Mayanot

We are very pleased to announce, a group of new rabbis have recently received their rabbinic ordination from the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies . Mayanot has offered this exclusive rabbinical training program for the past 15 years. Our graduates have gone on to assist Jews in all corners of the globe, initiating a variety of learning programs in their home communities. A number of these ordained Rabbis have proceeded to found their own Chabad Houses worldwide and help their Jewish communities in a multitude of ways. The  Smicha  program is headed by Rabbi  Yisroel Noach Wichnin , Rosh Yeshiva of the Mayanot Men's Learning Program and Rabbi Shimon Garbose , of the Rabbinical ordination track within the Mayanot Yeshiva. Together they have spearheaded this remarkable program, teaching, training, and mentoring these 'Rabbis in training' to go onto to build their home communities and inspire Jewish involvement and engagement with the knowledge and confidence

Mayanot Hires New Student Dean

Mrs.  Freidy Yanover  is the new Dean of Student Affairs at the Mayanot Institute in Jerusalem, boosting the Women’s Program. The Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is bringing in the New Year with exciting additions, introducing new faculty to the Women’s Program in Jerusalem. Mrs.  Freidy Yanover  has been appointed to the role of Dean of Student Affairs. With years of experience in teaching, counseling and mentoring, she is an invaluable addition to the staff at the Mayanot Women’s Campus. As a senior lecturer at Bais Chana International, and a licensed coach, she has brought in the fall semester with a fresh approach to morning chassidut, and a strong one on one environment for student counseling. Students can now feel more confident than ever before sharing any questions they have regarding their personal growth process. As the Scholar in Residence at Mayanot over the summer, Mrs. Yanover brought her depth of Torah knowledge and her ability to teach the esoteric con