Mayanot Hires New Student Dean

Mrs. Freidy Yanover is the new Dean of Student Affairs at the Mayanot Institute in Jerusalem, boosting the Women’s Program.
The Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is bringing in the New Year with exciting additions, introducing new faculty to the Women’s Program in Jerusalem.

Mrs. Freidy Yanover has been appointed to the role of Dean of Student Affairs. With years of experience in teaching, counseling and mentoring, she is an invaluable addition to the staff at the Mayanot Women’s Campus.

As a senior lecturer at Bais Chana International, and a licensed coach, she has brought in the fall semester with a fresh approach to morning chassidut, and a strong one on one environment for student counseling. Students can now feel more confident than ever before sharing any questions they have regarding their personal growth process.

As the Scholar in Residence at Mayanot over the summer, Mrs. Yanover brought her depth of Torah knowledge and her ability to teach the esoteric concepts of chassidut in a contemporary and relevant fashion. We, at Mayanot, know that in her new role, she will continue to impact the women positively, encouraging questions, open discussions, and a healthy learning environment.

Mrs. Rivka Marga Gestetner, Educational Director at the Mayanot Women’s Program shared, “It's been amazing having Mrs. Yanover join our team. Her love and care for each student is felt by all, including their campus and community shluchim, who she is also in contact with.”

Shoshi Glass, a 2017 summer student remarked, “The Mayanot Summer Program was my first experience in a seminary setting, and Mrs. Freidy Yanover immediately made me feel at home. Her wisdom, warmth, and support create a beautiful energy that radiates throughout Mayanot and I'm beyond thrilled she returned (like me), for the Fall Semester. Her Tanya and Chassidut classes are accessible and profound, and speaking with her one-on-one about emotional, intellectual, and spiritual issues continues to foster my growth in immeasurable ways.”

Mayanot is encouraging shluchim and anash who know students between the ages of 19-29, who would benefit from the Mayanot learning experience, to be in touch with Mrs. Yanover directly: [email protected] .

Interested students can contact Mayanot at: [email protected] (women's), [email protected] (men's) 
or check out for more information on joining our 2017/ 2018 program.