Rabbinical Ordination at Mayanot

We are very pleased to announce, a group of new rabbis have recently received their rabbinic ordination from the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies.

Mayanot has offered this exclusive rabbinical training program for the past 15 years. Our graduates have gone on to assist Jews in all corners of the globe, initiating a variety of learning programs in their home communities. A number of these ordained Rabbis have proceeded to found their own Chabad Houses worldwide and help their Jewish communities in a multitude of ways.

The Smicha program is headed by Rabbi Yisroel Noach Wichnin, Rosh Yeshiva of the Mayanot Men's Learning Program and Rabbi Shimon Garbose, of the Rabbinical ordination track within the Mayanot Yeshiva. Together they have spearheaded this remarkable program, teaching, training, and mentoring these 'Rabbis in training' to go onto to build their home communities and inspire Jewish involvement and engagement with the knowledge and confidence to become great leaders. The rabbinic ordination is signed by the renowned halachic authority, Rabbi Zalman Nechamia Goldberg, of Jerusalem and by Rabbi Shimon Garbose.

 Within the Mayanot Men's Learning Program the 'Rabbi's in training' program is a fully integrated track within the Yeshiva. These students are able to mentor and tutor students in other tracks, which is a unique opportunity that has resulted in close-knit friendships over the years, meaningful life experiences and shared inspiration.

“The students have gathered this year from all over the world, for a very rigorous program of learning. We expect a lot from our rabbinic students and this year’s group has risen to the challenge”, Rabbi Wichnin, shared. “In addition to the Yoreh Deah they have also gone through the Alter Rebbes Hilchot Shabbat. The students, thank G-d, did very well, infusing themselves with the study and application of Jewish law, through the special energy and life that chassidis provides”.

The following students from the 2017 program are:
Menachem Blasberg
Nissen Eichorn
Hershy Gutnick
Menachem Loebenstein
Shmuli Michaan
Yoni Rubin
Mendel Schochat
Nachie Smetana
Mendel Toron
Dovid Tsikman
Menachem Mendel Zakon

Mazal Tov to all the new Rabbis, and their families; may you all be blessed to go on to do great things!

(From Left: Rabbi Wichnin, Rosh Yeshiva & Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov, Executive Director)