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Scholar Joins Summer at Mayanot

Mrs.  Freidy Yanover  will join the Mayanot Women’s Program in Jerusalem as scholar in residence for the summer semester. The Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is excited to welcome a renowned lecturer and Torah educator as the new Scholar in Residence at the Mayanot Women’s Program, in Jerusalem. The distinguished Mrs.  Freidy Yanover  will be joining the program after Pesach this year and teaching throughout the summer program.  Mrs. Yanover is a prominent teacher at the Beit Chana Institute , and a worldwide lecturer. She is well-known for her charisma, depth of Torah knowledge and her ability to teach the esoteric concepts of chasidus in a contemporary and relevant fashion. The Semester Scholar in Residence Program is a great new addition to the roster of programs the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is initiating. The program is part of an overall effort to enhance the quality of education, to even greater scholastic heights, through curricula development, netw

The Birth of Mayanot

In the mid 1990’s,  in Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner   and   Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov   were shluchim – emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ob’m, sent to determine what could be done to impact today’s generation of students. Both seasoned educators, they were not satisfied with the state of Jewish education for college students visiting Israel. Though there was an abundance of programs, they did not fully encompass the vision of a holistic Jewish education that would speak to the next generation of youth.  Rabbi Shemtov remarked, "There didn't yet exist a place that was inclusive of people on their journeys toward Judaism, a center for Torah learning that offered an opportunity to inspire one's surroundings and not retreat from the world." The educational institution they imagined would be a place where young Jewish adults could engage with their history, heritage, and the classical texts of their religion in an authentic, open and acceptin

Feeling the Freedom

Looking back to the end of last year’s Pesach seder, I never realized “Next year in Jerusalem” would actually come to fruition. This year, spending Passover in Israel and with Mayanot, I will be asking a 5 th question, “How is this seder different than seders from years past?” and I’ll have a lot of answers. Pesach has always been my favorite holiday but this year it is on a whole new level. I’ve spent the past three months learning at Mayanot Women’s Program. The past few weeks have been “Pesach boot camp” and I have loved every second of it. I feel like I’ve actually prepared for the holiday, for the Exodus. In years past, I’ve always been distracted with the cleaning, the food, the Seders, the fun of Pesach, all of the external, “written” parts of the holiday. I actually never really thought about the true meaning of the holiday itself. I would skim over the Haggadah and read the words but I would never process the story. This year is different.  In Ulpan, I learned the

It’s a Wonderful Journey

Over Winter Break, I was fortunate to attend the Mayanot Women’s Program in Jerusalem for the three week winter program where college students all around came to join the young adults that had already been at Mayanot. I arrived at what I thought was a small building, but walked inside and noticed that not only was it a small building, but it was a place where everyone was smiling and every student there was learning. Despite the size of the building, it was filled with big smiles, big hearts, and one big family. As soon as the program started picking up pace, I was exposed to  some great learning opportunities I would never have come across in my life. I picked up the Mishnah and the Gemara and started to break them down and figure out what the ancient texts have to say. I learned about the weekly  parshah  (Torah Portions) and was able to relate it to my life.  Mayanot’s education is based on a Chassidic approach, which is the teachings of Judaism by the Chabad Rebbe’s. It