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Mayanot Launches New Website To Celebrate New Chapter

Mayanot is thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new website. The redesigned and updated website features interactive content, resources, and an overall enhanced user experience for students looking to learn about their Jewish identities and connect to their heritage. The new displays multiple program offerings, campus pages for men and women, opportunities to ‘catch a class’, resources for students and supporters, and much more. A welcoming and easy to navigate site to match what Mayanot practices in Yeshiva, an accessible approach to learning Torah. Mayanot caters to university students looking to enhance their Jewish knowledge and build independent learning skills. S pecializing in teaching students to learn how to learn, their ground-breaking Talmud program is world class and has assisted countless students in mastering classic Jewish textual skills and developing a love for Torah study. With natural usability and information accessibility, Mayan