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Mayanot Summer Internship Is Back !

The   Mayanot Summer Internship   is back for Summer 2022! After launching an amazing program last year, we're excited to once again offer our unique internship and learning program to college students, starting June 9. This eight-week experience partners participants with top tier internship opportunities in Israel with the backdrop of Jewish learning and connection.  Special for this summer. Originally $899 now ONLY $399.  APPLY TODAY Click  here  to view the Internship video, and get a feel for this amazing program!  The Mayanot Summer Internship aims to satisfy career minded participants, while giving them an opportunity to connect to their Judaism on a deep and personal level. The program is specially tailored and immersive.  It includes a Shabbaton in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, opportunities to meet and connect with other Jewish students and young professionals from around the world, and enjoy all that Israel has to offer in a fun and meaningful way. Students will attend a wid