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Judaism Isn't Just My Religion It's My History

What Impact Mayanot Israel Had On Me By: Heather Franzman, Birthright Israel: Mayanot Participant Growing up I was raised in a household where religion didn’t hold much importance. Both of my parents are Jewish but felt that because they were made to follow a religion growing up, they didn’t want to make their children do the same. Attending public school never shaped any religious beliefs and I was never surrounded by many Jewish people. As I’ve grown older, I’ve felt as though there should be a place for religion in my life. I knew I wanted to go to Israel and become absorbed in Jewish culture and Birthright Israel allowed me to do so. Mayanot Israel not only allowed me to see the beautiful country of Israel but to learn about the history of Judaism and immerse myself in the culture. Through each experience during the trip, from seeing the beauty of Tzfat, touring Masada, riding camels in the desert, to Shabbot at the Western Wall, Mayanot not only showed me how Judaism

The Mayanot Jerusalem Jubilee

The Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies  cordially invites you to join us in celebrating  JERUSALEM JUBILEE:  50 YEARS OF THE REUNIFICATION  Keynote address from Deputy Minister   Dr. Michael B. Oren    Sunday, June 18th 2017   7:00 - 10:00pm   The Menachem Begin Center, Jerusalem  (6 Sh.A. Nakhon Street) Honorees: Martin & Melanie Glatt  David & Eda Schottenstein  Benjamin & Susan Shapell  Nicky Newfield    Join us as we celebrate together! To purchase tickets,  click here. Join the Facebook Event! Reception beginning at  7:00 PM   Ceremony Beginning at  7:30 PM   Special keynote address by Deputy Minister,  Dr. Michael B. Oren  Discussing:  "The 6 Day War & Its Relevance For Us Today" For any questions or to become an event sponsor,  please email:  [email protected]   To Purchase Tickets  Click He