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Mayanot Wins Prestigious Birthright Award

Last month, the Birthright Israel division of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies was awarded the Taglit-Birthright Israel “Certificate of Excellence” in Marketing and Recruitment, for their accomplishments during the thirty third round of the program's operations. Since inception, the marketing plan of the Birthright division has been to engage as many young Jewish adults as possible and to inform them of the gift that Birthright Israel offers. Our efforts have taken on the form of developing a brand that is unique to Mayanot - one fresh and clean but with a deep link to Israel and Judaism. To achieve it’s goals, Mayanot’s Birthright division has focused on both digital and physical media components. For Mayanot, it is just as important to have a relevant and active Facebook presence as it is to have fliers to hold in your hand. Mayanot stands on the forefront of social media marketing, always looking for new avenues to deliver our message. The marketing ini

Parshat Tazria, video and soundcloud links

Bringing Torah and Chassidut to you regardless of where you are located, around the globe! Thanks to our dedicated staff & student body, we have began a new project, headed by current student, Mendy Mentz, sharing the Torah of our students.  For this weeks parsha video: Click Here 2 min Parsha with Yitzchak Kovach , of Hungary, & current Mayanot student.  Straight from Jerusalem, Israel in front of the Mayanot Men's Program Building.  AND If you don't already know about our SOUNDCLOUD page, where classes are uploaded daily, please check it out and share! #Mayanotonsoundcloud

My Mayanot Packing List

By:  Emmett Gilles, Current Mayanot Student Among my otherwise unremarkable luggage, I brought two items of especially personal value to Mayanot. The first was my bicycle, a ‘cyclocross’ model designed to handle well on a variety of terrains, from road and light rail tracks to cobblestone and dirt. The second was a slight Robert Frost collection with dark print, generous spacing, and thick cotton pages. As a returning student at Mayanot (I first attended in the summer of 2014), I knew from experience that diving deeply into yeshiva learning, and the consequent reorientation of a person’s outlook and inner world within an environment of Torah and Chassidus, requires a healthy oxygen supply of familiar attachments to bolster the diver’s spirits and lessen the ‘bends’ attendant upon future surfacing. Biking, with its combination of exertion, balance, speed, and exhilarating freedom culminating in satisfying exhaustion, afforded a fulfilling afterlife to my former athletic caree