Mayanot Wins Prestigious Birthright Award

Last month, the Birthright Israel division of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies was awarded the Taglit-Birthright Israel “Certificate of Excellence” in Marketing and Recruitment, for their accomplishments during the thirty third round of the program's operations.

Since inception, the marketing plan of the Birthright division has been to engage as many young Jewish adults as possible and to inform them of the gift that Birthright Israel offers. Our efforts have taken on the form of developing a brand that is unique to Mayanot - one fresh and clean but with a deep link to Israel and Judaism.

To achieve it’s goals, Mayanot’s Birthright division has focused on both digital and physical media components. For Mayanot, it is just as important to have a relevant and active Facebook presence as it is to have fliers to hold in your hand. Mayanot stands on the forefront of social media marketing, always looking for new avenues to deliver our message.

The marketing initiatives Mayanot has deployed has allowed new recruiters across the United States to become a part of the team, and it goes without saying that recruitment efforts are aligned with the mantra of Chabad Shluchim the world over and Chabad on Campus as a whole. Their ability to take our resources and implement them into their communities is unmatched and their motivation to pursue.

The marketing team is led by Levi Margolin, the Director of Marketing for Mayanot Israel. At his side, coordinating recruitment efforts is Jonathan Kramer, Recruitment Director. Two incredible interns over the past year, Jordan Shipowitz and Jordana Balsam, who were able to offer an incredible perspective to the social media initiatives.

However, this award is shared by the Mayanot team as a whole, under the able leadership of the Director, Danny Sack. Every member of the organization believes in the mission at hand to connect as many young Jewish adults to Israel and Judaism as possible. We thank everyone that has been with us and supported Mayanot over the years.