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Mayanot World Center: Fire Safety and our Newest Installations

Since our last update, we have moved forward in several respects, working on the entrance floor and the upper floor furniture installation. The security system, and sprinkler system have all been installed and tested. The beautiful outdoor windows are in, window bars put in, interior doors installed, closets are being put together, the toilets are ready for use, as well as the air conditioning and elevators. Entrance way stairwell is beginning to come together. We are doing a stunning Jerusalem stone feature wall from basement to ceiling, over two floors. The pictures below show the initial process as the installation is currently happening. Mayanot also made the executive decision, for safety reasons, to have on reserve a water cistern for the indoor water sprinklers. We are almost finished building this large structure on the back right outer side of the building. As safety has always been one of Mayanot's number one priorities, we thought it was worth the extra time

Mayanot Connects Presents: Dating with Purpose

Join us for the latest Mayanot Connects   talk, as Noach Pawliger , one of our incredibly successful  dating coaches and matchmakers joins the series, discussing, some of the most relevant insights for successful dating.  Pawliger is a Mayanot alumnus, who is very familiar with the challenges of dating in today's world. After meeting his wife and starting his beautiful family, he wanted to help others struggling with meeting their partners and especially navigating the traditional orthodox dating experience.  People appreciated his approach so much that they began referring more and more of their  single friends to him. He considers himself more of a relational coach then an official matchmaker although, because he really gets to know each person that comes to him. He has made several successful matches.  Mayanot Connects talks have featured incredible matchmakers and revered dating coaches such as, Dr. Yossi Ives , Rabbi Moshe Raitman and Shaindel Blasberg . All official voluntee

Executive Learners Flock to Mayanot

Our Executive Learning program has been expanding this year, and we are so grateful for all the students who have come for three weeks or more and taken time out of their busy lives to dedicate themselves to connecting to their heritage, culture and tradition.  Although the Executive Learning program is an addition to our regular main program and post high school programs, it is an important addition. We know that Torah is relevant for all Jews at every level of learning and so too at every age. Students have come from Virginia, Michigan, California, the United Kingdom and even Hungary to gain both in self discovery and personal and spiritual growth. Regardless of the ages of students in the Executive Learning program (ranging from 35 to 70) they have integrated immeasurably with our main program, both the men's and women's students have seen some amazing additions come through this year.  Executive learning program director, Rabbi Yossi Shemtov shared, "We have seen imme

Welcoming Our NEWEST Mayanot Birthright Trips

Wow! That’s all we can say about the last two years over here at Mayanot Israel. Between navigating the ever changing corona guidelines, learning more than any person should ever have to know about the limitations of 500 meters and having Pesach seders without close friends and family- these last few years have been truly eye opening. But BH, we’ve overcome! The borders of Eretz Yisroel are now open to all (vaxxed or otherwise :)! We are so excited to once again be able to welcome some of the most amazing young people from around the world to partake in our uniquely special Birthright program this upcoming SUMMER Season. We’re so excited to be expecting thousands of participants this upcoming trip season from all over the United States. We have already been lucky enough to welcome our first group of the new season and are delighted to report that it was truly an inspirational and amazing trip for all parties involved. From traveling to special places like the Kotel in Jerusalem to