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Revealing the Light Through Chassidus

Written by: Ahron Tzvi Altman, Mayanot Men's Program Alum  in  partnership  with his mother, Dr. Pamela Klonoff for the Meaningful Life Center essay  competition Dedicated to Eugene Snyder OBM 15 Tevet 5775 I have worked as a psychotherapist for almost 30 years in a holistic rehabilitation setting helping patients with devastating brain injuries regain their independence, meaning in life, and a “new normal.”  I have journeyed with many people enduring unbearable psychic pain using my formal education and clinical experience to guide me.  Over the past four years, I have been introduced to the concepts of Chassidus, which have so greatly enriched and clarified my professional mission - namely that which is stated in the Torah during the first day of Creation (Bereishit 1:3), "Yehi ohr."  This is generally translated as "Let there be light", but should be read as “It should become light” (Tzvi Freeman,  Growing up Jewish, but with a s

Concert Launches Mayanot Shul Renovation

The Mayanot Synagogue in Jerusalem held an incredible benefit concert to launch their new shul renovation project.  Over 200 community members came to support and encourage the incredible undertaking. The Solomon Brothers Band played to a sold out crowd, members of the band, whom daven at the Shul regularly, were excited to help raise the funds. The Michael Perry Band, famous for Jewish Blues, also performed at the full-Shul Concert. The synagogue itself was an amazing venue for the event, open to the community to view the future plans for renovation and the current progress in the building itself. With Pictures of community members all over the shul walls, the atmosphere was beaming as attendees enjoyed the incredible music and delicious food.   The Shul Renovation Projects goal is to create a nurturing, open, and inviting place that provides a home for worship, education, and a thriving Jewish Community. The vision of the Mayanot Synagogue has always been to