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Baby Talk

Mayanot is celebrating a multitude of births this month.  These families have all been blessed with daughters: Mazel Tov to Arie and Chana Paller on the birth of their daughter, Menucha Rochel Mazel Tov to Ari and Chana Herzog, also on the birth of  their little girl Mazel Tov to Chaim and Ayelet Karp on the birth of their daughter, Adele Neryah We wish you much health, happiness and nachas!

Hats off to the Chef!

Recently, weird and wonderful things have been happening in the Mayanot kitchen – an array of magical aromas waft through the hallowed halls of the Yeshiva to a chorus of rumbling tummies. Mealtimes have become a highlight of the day. What or who has caused this food revolution at Mayanot - our new chef, Yitschak Rosenzweig. Yitschak hails from Brazil, just outside of Sao Paulo, a city which UNESCO  has chosen as one of the best places in the world for gastronomy,  ‘that means I taste everything’, Yitschak jovially explained. Yitschak has been at Mayanot for a month but he has a long history of working with food, developing his craft in various kitchens across Sao Paulo. However, after making aliyah nine years ago, Yitschak decided to become a teacher. Soon, the pull of the kitchen was too strong to resist, and six years ago, Yitschak returned to the trade he loves so much.  Hearing him talk about being in the kitchen, it is hard to believe Yitschak could have worked as anything else.

Another birth to celebrate!

Mazel Tov to Henry and Chaya Valier on the birth of their daughter, Tehilah Bracha! We know she will bring you much joy and nachas for the future, and we wish you much health, happiness and brachot.

Shavuot Tikun Leil

              Beit Knesset Mayanot Presents:  Tikun Leil Shavuot 5752  Beit Knesset Mayanot 28 Narkis Street Nachlaot, Jerusalem 12.00 am - 1.00 am Living on the Spiritual Edge With Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Rosenzweig, author of ‘Married and Alone: The Way Back’, ‘On Yearning’, and ‘פאר ישר על הסדרא’   1.00 am - 2.00 am The Unique Concept of Reward and Punishment in Judaism: Analysing Sium Mesechet Tamid With Rabbi Meni Even-Israel, Executive Director at Shefa Foundation   2.00 am - 3.00 am Matan Torah: What Difference does it make to me? With Rabbi Dr. Alon Silberg, Talmud Teacher at Mayanot   3.00 am - 4.00 am Whistleblowers, Messira and Jewish Law                    With Rabbi Ari Wasserman, author of ‘Higyonei Ha’Parsha’     Coffee and Refreshments to be served throughout the night For more information please email: [email protected]  

Mazeltov to Alexander and Rivky Preisler

Mayanot is excited and happy to wish Mazeltov to Alexander and Rivky Preisler on the birth of their son! We wish them health, happiness and lots of blessings. We are so delighted to have an addition to the Mayanot family!

Mazeltov to the Hullmans!

Mazeltov to Barak and Noga Hullman on the birth of their son!  We wish you health, happiness and many blessings. לגדלו לתורה לחופה ולמעשים טובים

Mazel Tov Mazel Tov !

Mayanot wishes a big mazel tov to Hadassah Snyder and Yehuda Glick for their upcoming wedding next week. We wish them much mazel and brocha. Mazel tov to Rabbi Levinger, Chaya and Yehuda on Yehuda’s bar mitzvah.  We wish them much mazal and brochos and yiddeshe nachas. Mazel tov to Debra (Wasserman) Wosner and her husband on the birth of their son. We wish them joy and nachas for the future.