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The In's & Out's of Jewish Dating: Join us Sunday!

After having recently launched Mayanot Connects an amazing new initiative for Mayanot alumni, we want to start off by giving our alumni the tools moving forward in the dating process. We are happy to announce these online classes at no cost, accessible from anywhere in the world, for both men and women, independently.  B"H Mayanot Connects Presents: The In's & Out's of Jewish Dating Experienced Jewish matchmakers share insights, coaching tips, Resume building and a special Q&A for the Mayanot alumni community. Live Online. No charge. FOR MEN Experienced & much sought after matchmaker & dating coach, having helped hundreds of singles, Moishe Raitman speaks with us! SUN. JUNE 21, 2020 1:30pm EST Zoom Meeting ID: 835 8696 7765 Password: Mayanot Zoom Link: 83586967765?pwd= K2Z0V0ErdFZncklzcDhOT1V5MEo2UT 09 FOR WOMEN Professional matchmaker and dating mentor, having made over ninety shidduchim, Shandel Blasberg speaks with us! SUN. JU

Mayanot Connects

  A global Mayanot initiative helping to move you from the Beit Midrash to your Jewish Home.  Mayanot Connects ,  a new initiative, aims to help Mayanot alumni meet their prospective spouse through the  Shidduch  system. We aspire to help our students in integrating into Jewish life and community as smoothly and easily as possible.  We have partnered with ChabadMatch to create more channels and opportunities for each of our alumni to meet their future spouse. Together, we are bringing like-minded men and women to the same place, online. As Dean, Rabbi  Shlomo Gestetner  shared, "When we founded Mayanot over 20 years ago, we thought we were creating an educational institute and that is true, but what we soon found out was that simultaneously the Mayanot family was created. So for those alumni who are interested in getting married, we want to be there, as a family, to help." Many of the dedicated shadchanim we have on board are part of the Mayanot family, including staff