Mayanot Connects

Mayanot Connects

 A global Mayanot initiative helping to move you from the Beit Midrash to your Jewish Home. 

Mayanot Connectsa new initiative, aims to help Mayanot alumni meet their prospective spouse through the Shidduch system. We aspire to help our students in integrating into Jewish life and community as smoothly and easily as possible. 

We have partnered with ChabadMatch to create more channels and opportunities for each of our alumni to meet their future spouse. Together, we are bringing like-minded men and women to the same place, online.

As Dean, Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner shared, "When we founded Mayanot over 20 years ago, we thought we were creating an educational institute and that is true, but what we soon found out was that simultaneously the Mayanot family was created. So for those alumni who are interested in getting married, we want to be there, as a family, to help."

Many of the dedicated shadchanim we have on board are part of the Mayanot family, including staff and alumni. They understand the process and are able to guide, with sensitivity and clarity. 

We want to send out a special thank you to our team of shadchanim, coaches and volunteers, who are making this important initiative possible. Your dedication to helping our Mayanot community is strengthening the Jewish people. A special thank you to alumnae, Leah (Molayem) Nussbaum, who pushed this project forward over the last year!

Executive director, Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov shared, "Over the last 23 years Mayanot has developed a very successful Men's and Women's learning program, most recently we have been working very hard to assist our alumni in the area of meeting their potential spouse. We hope this program will also be a tremendous success." 

We know that each match is made in Heaven, and as the Talmud states, no less miraculous than the splitting of the sea. So, we hope our students will not limit themselves to this network alone, but it is our prayer that Mayanot Connects will be a source of blessing in their lives. 

If you are a single and want to join the network, click here.

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