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Experiencing the Holiday of Shavuot

The Repairing Process,  A Metaphor For Shavuot:  Imagine that you have just inherited a house.   The side panels are beaten up from the wind.   Walking into the back yard, it becomes pretty clear that some of the windows are going to need to be replaced.   When you step up the front steps onto the deck, one of the steps breaks under your foot.   Inside, the couches in the living room are worn out and barely staying together.   In the dusty kitchen, you notice that the antique oven is rusted over and the table is barely standing on its three and a half legs.   Topping it all off, there is a hole in the ceiling of the upstairs bedroom, which has resulted in the room becoming acquainted with all four of the seasons.   With all the work that needs to be done, maybe it would have been better not to have been given the house at all.                     Without the proper funds, there is not a chance that the house will be in livable condition.   Out of nowhere you get a call fr

Young Jewish Professionals, Jerusalem: Joins the Mayanot Ranks

Over the last 20 years, the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies has aimed to fill the gap in experiential and text based Jewish education. As a mission statement and organizational motto, Mayanot’s main goal is to connect young Jews from around the world to their land, their people and their heritage. Today, Mayanot’s newest division, affiliated with Chabad Young Professionals (CYP) International, joins the ranks. Founded in January 2018 by Rabbi Levi and Rebbetzin Aidel Margolin , Mayanot Young Professionals (aka, YJP Jerusalem) focuses on engaging alumni from our Men's and Women's Learning Programs as well as Birthright Israel participants who now call Israel home, whether long or short term. In addition, YJP Jerusalem puts a strong focus on English speaking Olim and people on long term programs living in Jerusalem. Their target market, young English speakers aged 25-40, has welcomed the new division with great enthusiasm. In just four months, YJP’s events

The Annual Women’s Alumni Reunion

This past Monday, Mayanot celebrated the third annual Mayanot women’s alumni reunion in Israel, with a gathering of over thirty women. Both alumni and current students were in attendance. The diverse group of alumni comprised of women from five different continents and various years of Mayanot, including the first semester of the program, in 2008. Our esteemed teacher, Mrs. Gila Lowell , who has been educating Mayanot women since the program’s inception, discussed Pesach Sheini and our constant ability to imbue our lives with a renewed sense of meaning and inspiration. She dove into the text and shared ideas from Tanach (Bible) , based on the concept of second chances and rousing our desire for self growth and leadership in today’s day in age.  The level of nostalgia for the textual ‘inside’ learning was palpable from all the women in attendance. Mayanot teaches academic level learning skills that are particular to accessing traditional texts in the original Hebrew, and i