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Alumni of the Week: Dovid and Miri Birk and Michoel Ogince

Dovid Birk wanted to tell us about some of the work he and two other Mayanot alumni are up to.  Check it out!   (Also, don't forget to check out this video introducing his organization: ) When Dovid Birk (Mayanot Alumnus) finished high school in Perth, Australia, it was customary amongst his group of friends to take a “year off” - meaning from academia - and to travel, have fun and learn about the world. After working for 8 months, Michoel Ogince (Mayanot Alumnus) and Dovid sat down on a Yom Kippur day and discussed their dreams. They weren’t even very close friends, but had one thing in common - outdoor adventure. From that little discussion, they decided right there and then, to travel to New Zealand together at the end of 1998. And so they did. A lifelong friendship was forged, and together with that, a love of photographing a most intriguing world was born in both of them. In 2008, Michoel, living in Morristown, New Jersey, whilst st

An End of the Year Video

Marcy Rivka Nehorai, one of the many students to just finish her year at Mayanot, decided to make a video about her experience at seminary this year.  Also, you've been a follower of Mayanot Insider since the beginning, you may find a certain song in the video familiar.  Check it out!