An End of the Year Video

Marcy Rivka Nehorai, one of the many students to just finish her year at Mayanot, decided to make a video about her experience at seminary this year.  Also, you've been a follower of Mayanot Insider since the beginning, you may find a certain song in the video familiar.  Check it out!



  1. my Dearest Rivka,

    This made me so unbelievably happy to watch. I actually felt like i was back at Mayanot. Chava Zviklin's quote is priceless, and you captured such great Rabbi Levinger moments too ( oh my gosh! I just want to farbrang my life away on that idea about the neggelvasser).... Great work, and thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to collaborate with you when we're finally in the same country again :)

    miss you terribly!

  2. Rivkaleh and Elad, Bs"d
    Mazal Tov on your beautiful baby! I wish you two a tremendous amount of bracha and hatzlacha. Looking forward to the next time we can reunite wherever it may be Israel, America, Thai Land perhaps? My email is [email protected] please be in touch I would love to hear from you whenever you get the chance. Enjoy this time beyond time period with your new addition to the familia and well speak soon B'zrat Hashem! Only the best for you!


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