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5 Reasons to Spend a Semester in Yeshiva

Via: Written By: Tzvi Freedan Dear Rabbi, I’m an undergrad at a private college, doing really well and working hard to get into graduate school. I’m also very active with  Chabad on campus . My  Chabad  rabbi has been bugging me to take off one semester to study in a yeshiva “some time before graduate school.” It’s still not clear to me what yeshiva is all about, and definitely not clear why I should take off in the middle of my studies to go there. —A Student Dear Student, Before there were universities, there were yeshivas. There were people who sat around in yeshivas the whole year, discussing and studying and discussing some more. And then there were people who worked the farm or traveled afar to sell their merchandise, and then turned up at the yeshiva whenever they had a chance, to join in the study and discussion. Jews were always a literate society, and every Jew was expected to be involved somehow in the learning going on in the community. T