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Help Mayanot Change Lives

Mayanot of Jerusalem raises higher Jewish education by raising $1.5 million for 100 scholarships "Now." Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, the leader in higher Jewish education for both men and women, is launching a mega initiative right  NOW ! Centered in Jerusalem, the heart and soul of the world, Mayanot endeavors to touch the heart and soul of every Jew by offering the mind-blowing, divine wisdom of our 4000-year tradition, in a brilliant and life changing scholastic experience. Right NOW, Mayanot is committed to removing the greatest barrier to entry -- funding. In a global campaign entitled MAYANOT NOW , Mayanot is raising $1.5 million to wholly (and holy) underwrite 100 full scholarships awarded to 100 committed yet financially challenged individuals. Watch: A full academic year of Mayanot’s exquisite education runs at a cost of $23,000 to the school. After $8,000 of grants, the remaining cost is $15,000 per student. Providing 100 full scholarships to 100

Alumni Spotlight: Yosef Garbow

(From Left: Alumni Yossi Hein and Yosef Garbow) Aumni Spotlight: Featuring Yosef Garbow I attended Mayanot for the year, starting in the fall of 2016 and I'm  currently a sophomore at Baruch College, in New York City.  I accomplished a lot during my year at Mayanot, and took away very valuable tools, especially from an academic standpoint. However, Mayanot taught me a lot more than just how to read a text, it taught me what it means to be a  chassid . It gave me the tools to not only survive in a secular environment, but to thrive.   My favorite part of the Mayanot program was definitely the  chassidus  classes. The breadth of knowledge I gained and the way that the rabbi's have really helped me get the most out of my learning. I have already experienced the benefits of taking the inspiration with me.  Mayanot instills in you a desire to help other Jews connect to Judaism. The first time I did   mivtzoim ( mitzvah campaigns launched by the Lubavitcher Rebbe)