Help Mayanot Change Lives

Mayanot of Jerusalem raises higher Jewish education by raising $1.5 million for 100 scholarships "Now."
Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, the leader in higher Jewish education for both men and women, is launching a mega initiative right NOW! Centered in Jerusalem, the heart and soul of the world, Mayanot endeavors to touch the heart and soul of every Jew by offering the mind-blowing, divine wisdom of our 4000-year tradition, in a brilliant and life changing scholastic experience.

Right NOW, Mayanot is committed to removing the greatest barrier to entry -- funding. In a global campaign entitled MAYANOT NOW, Mayanot is raising $1.5 million to wholly (and holy) underwrite 100 full scholarships awarded to 100 committed yet financially challenged individuals.
A full academic year of Mayanot’s exquisite education runs at a cost of $23,000 to the school. After $8,000 of grants, the remaining cost is $15,000 per student.

Providing 100 full scholarships to 100 incredible students will shape the future of the Jewish world by inspiring 100 minds and igniting 100 souls to emulate their forefathers and foremothers NOW in today’s modern world.

We Jews are one family. We are responsible for one another. To achieve our monumental goal, we need you NOW.

By heavenly blessing, a group of generous individuals have committed $1M of the $1.5M for our 100 scholarships.

But on one condition: They will contribute their $1M only if Mayanot raises the remaining $500,000 in 36 hours starting NOW from individuals such as yourself (and your networks).

We need you for MAYANOT NOW. Visit to donate!

By giving to MAYANOT NOW you are giving much more than money. You are giving 100 Jews the gift of their tradition in education. Together, more than raising funds, we are raising higher Jewish education higher.

Thank you for giving to MAYANOT NOW. 

Watch our student Testimonials below: