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A Month of Simchas

[caption id="attachment_639" align="alignright" width="231" caption="Image courtesy from"] [/caption] Mazel Tov to Chana Rosa Petrikovsky and Shlomo Bogart on their engagement. We also send a big Mazel Tov to Ariella Bitron and Jacob Rich on their engagement. And Mazel Tov to Tal and Talia Bloom on the birth of their son! Mayanot wishes you all health, happiness and many more simchas

Molly Resnick Mesmerizes Mayanot

As part of student enrichment, the Mayanot Women’s Program often hosts a variety of renowned speakers to give classes. On the 24 th of May, Mrs. Molly Resnick was invited to talk to the students about her history, her relationship with the Rebbe and her views on the broad spectrum of the Jewish world. The students were immediately drawn in by Molly’s dynamism and enthusiasm. Molly told of her journey from a non-observant life to a religious one, a theme that was resonant for some of the students in the class. Molly grew up in Israel, as part of a non-practicing family. She moved to the United States to pursue her goal of working in broadcasting, eventually gaining a position at NBC. It was at the height of her success, Molly explained to the students, that she began to feel that something was missing, but she could not put her finger on what it was. She took time off work to travel around the world, hoping that her travels would provide her with some clarity. It was while she was in B