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CTeen Israel Journey Joins Mayanot for Learning Event

Via: Teens on the CTeen Israel Journey joined the Mayanot Summer program for an evening of learning with Chavrusa partners. They were addressed by Rabbi  Mendy Kotlarsky , vice chairman of CTeen and executive director of Merkos 302 and Rabbi Shneur Broh , director of the Post High Program at Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies .  CTeen Israel Journey, directed by CTeen's Summer Program Director, Rabbi Nachman Rivkin , takes Jewish teens who attend public high schools on a 22-day journey through the history, culture, and character of the Jewish People and Israel.  Mayanot was happy to host so many young CTeen participants on campus in Jerusalem, being able to learn together and introduce them to our program, answer their many questions and hear about their trip throughout Israel was a great joy for us. We hope to do it again soon!

Record Breaking Summer for Mayanot - Birthright Israel Participants

Recession? Not for Mayanot’s  Birthright Israel  division. Mayanot, one of the most popular Birthright trip providers, has seen a breathtaking surge in participation this summer, breaking even pre-COVID records. The numbers paint the picture. With 1,433 participants on the ground simultaneously at the end of May, Mayanot celebrated its largest participation milestone yet. If 1,433 people is too abstract, try this: 127 trip leaders were needed to guide these 41 groups. Since the beginning of May, Mayanot has guided 2,786 Jewish young adults to explore their living heritage in the holiest land in the world. Shluchim on campuses across the US have been working overtime. Many Chabad on Campus organizations brought dozens of students on trips this spring and summer; some even brought hundreds. Five universities accounted for a whopping 647 students, in addition to the 304 students who enrolled from the University of Wisconsin, under the leadership of Rabbi Mendel Matusof . UW, repres

Even More Torah from Mayanot!

Mayanot is excited to announce our most recent addition to the podcast lineup of amazing classes, our latest  Chassidus Intro to Elul: I Am To My Beloved , taught by Mayanot educator  Esther Shemtov .  With the likes of  Rabbi Breitowitz ,  Rabbi Gestetner ,  Rivka Marga Gestetner ,  Rabbi Kauffman , and  Rabbi Levinger , the Mayanot Podcast has been gaining more traction each week, attracting listeners from all over the globe, interested in connecting to their Judaism and learning about topics in halacha, chassidus, the weekly parshiot and Jewish philosophy.  Since being released on all popular streaming sites such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple podcast, Google Play, Amazon Music, Castbox and so many more, people have been reaching out to us to post even more classes and have been writing to us about how grateful they are to be able to easily listen on their devices.  Gaby M ., a past student shared with us, " It is amazing being able to enjoy a taste of Mayanot by listening to th