Even More Torah from Mayanot!

Mayanot is excited to announce our most recent addition to the podcast lineup of amazing classes, our latest Chassidus Intro to Elul: I Am To My Beloved, taught by Mayanot educator Esther Shemtov

With the likes of Rabbi BreitowitzRabbi GestetnerRivka Marga GestetnerRabbi Kauffman, and Rabbi Levinger, the Mayanot Podcast has been gaining more traction each week, attracting listeners from all over the globe, interested in connecting to their Judaism and learning about topics in halacha, chassidus, the weekly parshiot and Jewish philosophy. 

Since being released on all popular streaming sites such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple podcast, Google Play, Amazon Music, Castbox and so many more, people have been reaching out to us to post even more classes and have been writing to us about how grateful they are to be able to easily listen on their devices. 

Gaby M., a past student shared with us, "It is amazing being able to enjoy a taste of Mayanot by listening to the classes, even without being physically present in them. I enjoy listening to the classes from SoundCloud while on the bus or walking home. I hope I can come past and have the privilege of learning there again, but until then, thank you for letting me join virtually with the recordings!" 

Ary B., sent us an email saying, "I can’t express enough how thankful I am for your shiurim on Mayanot SoundCloud. It’s like an Oasis of Torah (especially in South Florida).  It’s the place I know I can go to tap into deep unfiltered Emes (truth) and quench my soul. And I go quite often BH. Please, please I beg you, keep posting! You have to! More and more! Don’t stop! Don’t withhold the holy wisdom that G-d has given you from us! We need it! I need it.... Thanks for changing my life eight years ago and again today." 

Thanks to all of the encouraging words and heartfelt emails we have received, we are continuing to post and share Torah from the classes at Mayanot in Jerusalem and we would be happy to have YOU, our alumni, past students and friends, share the classes with whoever you think would benefit as well. The more we share the goodness of Torah the more of an impact we can make together, for the good. 

In the spirit of sharing, please check out Esther Shemtov's amazing class, only about 20 minutes an episode and give it a Like, Share and of course if you’re not yet following us, be sure to do so and help us continue to spread Torah far and wide! 

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