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Follow Me: Avi-Natan Zadaka

Avi-Natan Zadeka is our newest Mayanot Men's Program participant. We asked Avi to write about his experiences coming to Mayanot, being part of the Jerusalem community, and growing with the Mayanot family. In the upcoming weeks Avi will share his experiences and provide a glimpse into the Mayanot experience both on his personal blog , and here. For regular updates follow the Mayanot Men's Program on Facebook , and Twitter .  And so it begins… And now I'm here. in Israel. in Mayanot. In Jerusalem. Thank g-d! But it wasn’t easy getting here. On Sunday the 8th of August I drove to Chicago with my sister, Hela and girlfriend, Jenna. That evening we went out for pizza. Joining us were Hela’s room-mates and my brother, Amir. We went to a kosher pizza place, but the service was sub par at best and there wasn’t any A/C. The food took forever to come out, so they tried to appease us by bringing out guac and chips. Long story short – I got the worst food poisoning I