Mayanot World Center: Fire Safety and our Newest Installations

Since our last update, we have moved forward in several respects, working on the entrance floor and the upper floor furniture installation.

The security system, and sprinkler system have all been installed and tested. The beautiful outdoor windows are in, window bars put in, interior doors installed, closets are being put together, the toilets are ready for use, as well as the air conditioning and elevators.

Entrance way stairwell is beginning to come together. We are doing a stunning Jerusalem stone feature wall from basement to ceiling, over two floors. The pictures below show the initial process as the installation is currently happening.

Mayanot also made the executive decision, for safety reasons, to have on reserve a water cistern for the indoor water sprinklers. We are almost finished building this large structure on the back right outer side of the building. As safety has always been one of Mayanot's number one priorities, we thought it was worth the extra time to ensure if ever there was a fire, G-d forbid, we will be able to react as quickly as possible.

We are excited to show you the pictures and video of the progress being made for our upcoming opening. For any questions please be in touch at: [email protected]

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Classrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms student ready:

Closets delivered and built:

The entry way feature wall and stairway being built:


Building the water cistern for the fire safety system:

Both the front and back of the building being refreshed: 

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