Mayanot Connects Presents: Dating with Purpose

Join us for the latest Mayanot Connects talk, as Noach Pawliger, one of our incredibly successful dating coaches and matchmakers joins the series, discussing, some of the most relevant insights for successful dating. 

Pawliger is a Mayanot alumnus, who is very familiar with the challenges of dating in today's world. After meeting his wife and starting his beautiful family, he wanted to help others struggling with meeting their partners and especially navigating the traditional orthodox dating experience. 

People appreciated his approach so much that they began referring more and more of their  single friends to him. He considers himself more of a relational coach then an official matchmaker although, because he really gets to know each person that comes to him. He has made several successful matches. 

Mayanot Connects talks have featured incredible matchmakers and revered dating coaches such as, Dr. Yossi Ives, Rabbi Moshe Raitman and Shaindel Blasberg. All official volunteers on the site. Now joining our amazing roster of speakers is Noach Pawliger. 

We could not be more excited to have him speak about Dating with Purpose offering tips and insights into essentials that successful dating 'Can't LIVE Without'. These classes are geared toward alumni and Mayanot community members looking to meet their spouses. 

Check out the event details for both men and women below. 

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Mayanot Connects was founded on the idea of helping Mayanot alumni with the Shidduch process. Mayanot provides several services intended to guide alumni through the process.

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