Mazal Tov To The Entire Mayanot Family!

May we only continue to celebrate simchas together.

Mazal Tov to Mayanot participants Nick & Jillian, 
who got engaged on the top of Masada last week! 

Irina and Pesach Alpert had a baby boy
Kayla and Alex Bodner had twin boys
Chava and Yehuda Bolotin had a baby boy and made an upshernish within a week 
Serena and Levi Cohen had a baby girl 
Ariella and Joe Craven had a baby girl 
Mandy and Etan Efrati had a baby girl 
Tanya and Amit Friedlander had a baby girl 
Gani and Aaron Lazer Goodman had a baby girl
Nechama Dina and Rabbi Avraham Hendel had a baby boy 
Shmuel and Margalit Hoffman had a baby girl 
Elana and Elliot Kahan had a baby boy 
Leigh and Daniel Kohn had a baby girl
Yehudis and Abraham Levitan had a baby boy
Rebecca and Eric Maurer had a baby boy
Miriam and Eli Meltzer had a baby boy
Nechama and Levi Yitzchak Pevsner had a baby girl 
Yutty and Avrohom Polinger had twin boys
Yehoshua and Chaya Rubin had twins, a boy and girl 
Naomi and Gabe Schwed had a baby boy 
Musya and Menachem Mendel Shemtov had a baby girl
Eliana and Elya Silfen had a baby girl 
Natalie and Aaron Vasquez had a baby girl 
Shifra and Yedidya Witt had a baby boy

Mazal Tov to Chana Boaz who became a grandmother to twins, a boy and girl
Mazal Tov to Beverly and Andy Liggett on their granddaughters birth 
Mazal Tov to Friedy Yanover's son and daughter in law who had a baby boy

Mayan Heller and Chaim Allen
Chana Reich and Aharon Tzvi Altman
Kira Waxler and Yonatan Ben Israel 
Deena Schanowitz and Sholom Ber Wolberg
Batya Amin and Kalman Gavriel Delmoor
Marina Grumberg and Akiva Shimon 
Marlene Jacobi and Slav Perushev 

Mazal Tov to Devori Hirshler's son, Aron Hirshler and Pnini Shedrowitzky

Ruthy Miller and Aryeh Lev Cistia
Tikvah Feiglin and Mendel Gestetner
Cheved Krasnianski and Moshe Krasnjanski
Malka Gestetner and Sholom Ber Kudan
Penina Romanek and Eli Taylor
Batya Liba Vitkute and Yissacher Weiss 

Mazal Tov to Inga and Jay Barsky on the bar mitzvah 
of their twin boys, Noach and Shlomo Aryeh!
Mazal Tov to Alissa and Ben Rosenthal who just celebrated 
a bar mitzvah for their son!
Mazal tov to our esteemed teacher, Chana Boaz, 
who has a book available on Amazon, 'The Dynamics of Dating'.
Mazal Tov to Daniel and Leigh Kohn for their new home in Jerusalem, 
May it be a true Beit Chabad filled with Joy and Light! 

The L'chaim of Aharon Tzvi Altman and Chana Reich

Bolotin Upshernish in Massachusetts, 
with Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov, Executive Director, in attendance

 Natalie and Aaron Vasquez's baby girl, 'Menucha Chaya' 

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