What I'm Taking With Me After Mayanot

A beautiful and articulate 'Mayanot Exit Interview' we thought we'd share!

Thank you Noam Shahar, Mayanot alumni 2022 for sharing and really relaying your experience. 

Q. Please describe your Mayanot experience:
R. Mayanot was honestly an absolutely amazing experience. I thought I'd come for a few months and stayed for a year and a half. 
After briefly seeing a few other Yeshivas, I see what Mayanot does really right.
First off, it's a great group of guys who are very down to earth people but who want something more and something real out of this life. I had more real conversations about life during a lunch break than I would have in a year in my pre-religious days. 

Rabbi Shemtov told me, before I left, that Mayanot is great at keeping guys normal. And I really see what he means by that now. The guys don't lose their personality, but at the same time manage to change their worldview and lifestyle to something much greater.
On top of that, the Rabbis are wonderful Mashpiim (mentors) that guide people in a healthy way.
Also, the Rabbis were great as teachers. I went in not knowing what Gemara and Chassidus really were and can now learn with a chavrusa (partner) mostly on our own.

Q. Please share one experience that touched you the most?

R. I don't know what touched me the most, but I remember after Neilah on Yom Kippur, all the guys started singing a niggun (melody), and there was so much energy after a 25 hour fast for something so pure. Thinking about it, we can actually live like this and have such a liveliness and energy in our existence and connection to Hashem.

Q. Please share with us the impact your Mayanot experience had on you?
R. I thought I'd come to Yeshiva and learn how to keep Shabbos and Kosher and then get a job and get married. Almost two years later, I'm still learning and my whole trajectory of life and what's important to me has changed for the better.

Q. Please describe where you are now, as it relates to your Jewish life in comparison with when you attended Mayanot.

R. I only just started keeping Shabbos fully when I got to Mayanot.
Now, the main daily mitzvahs feel pretty engrained within me. And I really love learning and can learn in a way that's incomparable to when I arrived. That's the biggest change.

Q. After Mayanot how have you been empowered to move forward?

R. Going to continue shteiging (learning) and generally going to keep pushing myself more as there is infinite room to grow.

Q. Please share any other feedback (positive, negative, suggestions etc...)
R. You guys really do something right, turning out a normal, yet serious group of guys who are completely shifting their lives to something real. On top of that, people who come out of Mayanot who put in the effort know how to learn very solidly. After visiting a couple other Yeshivas, I really see the difference.

Q. For recruiting purposes can we utilize your answers?
R. Of course! Happy to help.