Mayanot Alumni Couple Are New Shluchim to Roswell, Georgia


We are very proud of alumni couple Chaim and Menucha Schwartz, who are going out on shluchos in Georgia, it wasn't that long ago that Chaim was learning in Jerusalem with us at Mayanot and Menucha was a student mentor for the women's program. We wish them both hatzlacha raba on their shluchus. 

Rabbi Chaim & Menucha Schwartz have been appointed as the Shluchim to Roswell, Georgia, where they will establish a new Chabad house to serve the growing local community.

Chaim is returning to the community where he grew up, having spent his childhood years in Roswell where he attended local schools and college. Chaim was inspired on his Jewish journey through contact with Chabad on campus at UGA, followed by several years of study at Mayanot, receiving Semicha, and then spending time at the Kollel in New Haven, CT.

Menucha is from the Boston area. She graduated high school from Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka, advanced her Jewish studies in Yerushalayim and spent a year in Mayanot as a student mentor. She has since become a seasoned educator with 7 years of experience teaching both teens and adults. She is currently a middle school teacher in New Haven, CT. 

The Schwartz’s will work alongside the Shluchim in Alpharetta, Georgia, Rabbi Hirshy & Devora Leah Minkowicz and Rabbi Gedalya Ruthy Hertz, as well as Rabbi Ephraim & Chani Silverman of Chabad of Cobb which neighbors Roswell, all under the leadership of Rabbi Yossi New of Chabad of Georgia. The Schwartz’s can be reached at [email protected]