Rabbi Shemtov's Brother In Law, Shliach in Ukraine Needs Our Help!

R'Shemtov's brother-in-law is a shliach in Ukraine, currently based out of Maldova and giving hundreds of meals to Ukrainian refugees. He is in desperate need of funds to feed those in desperate need of food, medicine and essentials. 

Please help spread this link and let everyone know, if they want to directly help Ukrainian refugees this is how to do it. 

Donate here: https://www.charidy.com/chabadobolon5782

Chabad of Obolon needs our help! #FeedingUkraine

A letter from Rabbi and Rebbetzin Gopin:

Dear Friends,

As I am sure you have heard and read, the situation in Kiev is dire and  getting worse.
Entire families, many with elderly family members and young children are forced to spend their days and nights in dark and cold bomb shelters.

Due to the lockdown and the danger, there is a shortage of food, medicine, and basic necessities.

Those that are brave enough are trying to escape through difficult journeys, they too need our help.

Today, more than ever, the jewish community in Obolon, Kiev are desperate for our support.

Please open your hearts and wallets and donate generously.

Every donation, big and small is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be sent using the following link:

May we be blessed in this joyous month of Adar, that we truly will be able to celebrate with joy, world peace and it should be a real “״ונהפוך הוא when this darkness will be changed over to light!

May we always share good news with each other

Rabbi Sholom & Chana Gopin
Shluchim of Chabad to Obolon, Kiev