Leaving Jerusalem, Keeping the Inspiration Going


One of our women's program executive learners, Vivi, has recently departed Jerusalem. We wanted to share this wonderful video she posted, as well as, her most recent blog post about her experience with us. Vivi Thank you for joining us. It was amazing having you learn with us!

Via: https://www.vivisjewishadventures.com/leaving-jerusalem-keeping-inspiration/

Hello Dear Friends, 

I am back in the USA! Above is a photo of me with one of the wonderful young women in the Mayanot program that I so loved. And here are several of the other 💕precious ladies… 💞✨💕✨

As you can see, the women are much younger than me! I sometimes got confused and thought I was 19 again, Lol!  

It could easily have been a mismatch but it was nothing but. The young women, the teachers and the learning were magnificent.

The short video below shows the first steps of bringing this shining inspiration and learning back into every day life.


Thank you to Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies and Jerusalem. 

 Love, Vivi 🥰