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Wherever Life Leads: My Jewish Journey

Written by: Spencer Tate, current Mayanot men’s program student
Judaism. What does it mean? Life. What is it all about? Learning. How is it all possible? These are just some of the questions I have been pondering in recent years, and just some of the questions Mayanot has helped me begin to answer!
I was born in Boca Raton, Florida into a large Jewish community. Despite this, Judaism was never at the forefront of my upbringing. For me, Judaism was like clothes that you wear every day. It was there but I didn’t pay much attention to the value it had. Although my grandparents were Orthodox, for most of their life, my parents did not continue all of the traditions that they were brought up with. Instead, my parents valued other things and my father, who is a longtime marathon runner, introduced me to athletics from a young age.
Long before I knew it, I became an elite cross country and track runner in which everything I did was centered around running, somewhat like how one practices a relig…

Rosh Hashana Mazal Tov's!

Mazal Tov to the entire Mayanot family

Babies:  Anna and Dovi Abraham had a baby girl
Chloe Malka and Danny Ablev had a baby girl
Dahria and Nechemia Barkai had a baby boy
Chana Leah and Shea Nochum Bleznick had a baby boy
Nina and Joshua Chasin had a baby girl
Mushky and Tzemach Chazan had a baby girl 
Malkie and Yaakov Yosef Citrin had a baby boy 
Tania and Amit Friedlander had a baby girl 
Chaya and Adam Garcia had a baby girl 
Shterny and Yossi Glick had a baby girl 
Chaya and Ari Goldwaser had a  baby boy
Aliza and Shmuel Gomes had a baby boy
Tanya and Mordechai Guth had a baby boy
Raizel and Daniel Hubener had a baby girl 
Sheina and Mendel Jafee had a baby girl
Ruti and Asher Kaplan had a baby girl 
Sophia and Ariel Licht had a baby girl 
Liora and Josh Liggett ahd a baby girl 
Ariella and Rom Leibner had a baby girl 
Yehudis and Avrami Levitin had twins, a boy and a girl
Tzippy and shimmy Lowinger had a baby boy 
Leah and Yossi Nussbaum had a baby girl
Rochel and Pinchos Levy had a baby girl
Yutty a…

Building Progress Update: Sept 2019

(The roof top view, as renovations commence) 
After many years of laying the groundwork to  negotiate, purchase and assemble an A+ team, with G-d's help,  Mayanot has commenced the construction and renovations  of the New Mayanot World Center. 
Please follow along with us as #7 Ben Tzvi goes through its transformation. 

(our architectural team and project manager,  meeting before construction commences) 
(Shlomo Chaimson, our branch manager,  overseeing the very first day of construction) 

Mayanot Shul Renovation Project

As  you know, thousands of people have experienced davening at the Mayanot shul, with dancing, singing and inspiration. As a result, the floor became unstable and needed to be rebuilt. The cost of the project is 150,000 NIS (US$40,000). The floor and renovations will be finished this week (Friday, Sept 27, 2019) and we need your help to pay the contractors at the end of this week. We have raised 50,000 NIS and still need to raise 100,000 NIS ($28,000). 
We are turning to you our incredible Mayanot community, to reach out to your friends and neighbors and dig deep, to really help us make this happen. Let's continue to celebrate in the Mayanot shul and make it a place of simcha and joy for all. Please give generously. 
You can contribute by going to:For ($US): [email protected] for any questions 
For Israeli donations (Israel NIS): [email protected] for any questions 
I asked Barak Hullman our beloved baal tefil…

Our New Women’s Program Location

After 10 years in Katamon, the Mayanot women’s program has moved to the heart of the city, with a beautiful new space, which is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from all the major attractions; close to the old city, downtown Jerusalem, the Mahane Yehuda market and many more sought-after highlights.
Our women’s program Educational Director, Rivka Marga Gestetner, shared, “we started our semester off in our new space with such amazing energy, the learning reverberating in the new rooms. Although I will miss my walk to Mayanot, it is nice to have everyone around the corner now.”

Mayanot is known for its openness, welcoming environment and sincere intellectual and spiritual learning. Students gain the skills to both build their textual learning and develop a deep love of Torah, Judaism, and a connection to one’s heritage. We know our new ‘home’ will only enhance this for our students.
With the new move to the Rechavia neighborhood of Jerusalem, Mayanot now has the opportunity to blend our …

An interview with Zachary Shabman

We had the privilege of speaking with Zachary Shabman, recent Mayanot Men's Program alumni, and discussing how his Mayanot experience impacted him and what he will take a way with him. We were very inspired by what he said, and hope you will see why! 

Zachary, please describe your Mayanot experience:
I really enjoyed my experience at Mayanot. I think the students and the Shluchim played a major role in making my experience what it was. The students are very welcoming and supportive. 

I came to Mayanot because I wanted to grow in my yiddishkeit (Judaism). The students created an encouraging environment that, in as little as one month, I was able to grow tremendously. Additionally, I thought the Shluchim were also integral parts of my Mayanot experience. Getting to learn with them and  hang out with them was always a highlight and a great opportunity for growth.

Please share one experience that most impacted you at Mayanot:
There wasn't one experience that touched me the most. For th…

Countless Meaningful Moments With Birthright Israel: Mayanot

"THAT'S A WRAP" shared the new Director of Mayanot's Birthright Israel division to his team via email, marking the culmination of the Summer 2019 season. 
With Mayanot Bus #651 boarding El  Al Flight 007 to NYC on Tuesday morning, the season officially came to an end.
Mayanot has the privilege of bringing authenticYiddishkeit (Judaism) and true Israel pride to the next leaders of the Jewish people and the world, and it is our absolute privilege to do so. 
These countless meaningful moments are why our team continues to put in the hard work, and long hours. They know and see the results of participants getting inspired everyday. 
Summer 2019, by the numbers: 3,023 Participants562 Mifgashim (soldiers joining trips)79 Tour Educators & 12 Madrichim Chevrati'im 162 USA Staff 1 Terrific new partner - Camp Avoda1 New YJP Partner all the way from Utah!38 Campus based trips2 Campuses with 3 or more groups6 Campuses with 2 or more groupsOnly 2 killer heatwaves2 Groups on Bi…

New Leadership at Mayanot

The Mayanot Women's Program is expanding our educational team and we would like to welcome Mrs. Kiki Newman, Shlucha to Efrat Israel as our new Director of Students Affairs.
In addition to her teaching and other educational responsibilities, Mrs. Newman will be the point person for applications, acceptances and communications with shluchim around the globe.
Mrs. Newman brings a fresh and exciting approach to learning and has dedicated herself to meeting with and getting to know each of our students. As she is very passionate about ensuring each student is able to internalize their Torah at their own pace, and in a balanced way. We are very pleased to have her as part of our growing team.
Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner, Mayanot’s Dean shared, “We are excited to welcome Mrs. Newman, to the Mayanot Women’s Program faculty. Her experience both in education and Jewish outreach will add a new dimension to the program. We are looking forward to a year of amazing growth”.

If you or anyone you know …

Save The Date

Please Save the Date! 

B”H The Mayanot Leadership Gala SAVE THE DATE December 2nd, 2019
Hasten Family Legacy Award
Cross River Philanthropic Award
Exigent Capital Group Eliezer Brender, Eric Davis & Simcha Mann Builders of Zion Award פרס בוני ציון
New York City – Hilton Hotel [email protected]

Chagim Seating Opening Tomorrow!

Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur Seating At the Mayanot Shul, in Jerusalem.
Registration for Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur Seating will be opening on Monday.
For more info after Monday, please email; [email protected].
Please be in contact with Yossi via email ONLY and he will gladly help. 

Encapsulating Our Summer Session

We want to say farewell to summer,  and hello to an incredible fall semester, starting today at Mayanot! 
Danielle Collins, our women's program summer student, wrote this beautiful poem encapsulating her experience learning with us. We hope it moves you as much as it did the students at the end of the summer session banquet this year. 

I crave change 
Not a temporary stint
Of fleeting passion
But an all-encompassing
Radical shift
In thought, speech, and action

Inspired by a new objective
My G-dly soul moves quickly with intention
To have a head start in the race
It will sprint the first few weeks
At an unprecedented pace
But my animal soul follows closely behind
Fully prepared to take its place
At any sign of spiritual weakness
It will sacrifice
To end up victorious

Yet as soon as the animal within
Is stirred to attention
My neshama immediately jumps into action
Of pouring in concrete to cement
The birth
Of a solid Jewish foundation

Is something I long to understan…