Mayanot Shul Renovation Project

As  you know, thousands of people have experienced davening at the Mayanot shul, with dancing, singing and inspiration. As a result, the floor became unstable and needed to be rebuilt. The cost of the project is 150,000 NIS (US$40,000). The floor and renovations will be finished this week (Friday, Sept 27, 2019) and we need your help to pay the contractors at the end of this week. We have raised 50,000 NIS and still need to raise 100,000 NIS ($28,000). 

We are turning to you our incredible Mayanot community, to reach out to your friends and neighbors and dig deep, to really help us make this happen. Let's continue to celebrate in the Mayanot shul and make it a place of simcha and joy for all. Please give generously. 

You can contribute by going to:For ($US): 
[email protected] for any questions 

For Israeli donations (Israel NIS): 
[email protected] for any questions 

I asked Barak Hullman our beloved baal tefillah who brings so much simcha to so many, to make a short video, please share it with your friends

Every donation makes a difference and every share makes an impact. 
Check out the video Here

Todah Rabbah Mikol HaLev! 

Rabbi Shloime GestetnerMayanot Shul, Jerusalem

(Mayanot men's program students helping set up the shul in the front room before Shabbat, on the new shul floor).