Rosh Hashana Mazal Tov's!

Mazal Tov to the entire Mayanot family

Anna and Dovi Abraham had a baby girl
Chloe Malka and Danny Ablev had a baby girl
Dahria and Nechemia Barkai had a baby boy
Chana Leah and Shea Nochum Bleznick had a baby boy
Nina and Joshua Chasin had a baby girl
Mushky and Tzemach Chazan had a baby girl 
Malkie and Yaakov Yosef Citrin had a baby boy 
Tania and Amit Friedlander had a baby girl 
Chaya and Adam Garcia had a baby girl 
Shterny and Yossi Glick had a baby girl 
Chaya and Ari Goldwaser had a  baby boy
Aliza and Shmuel Gomes had a baby boy
Tanya and Mordechai Guth had a baby boy
Raizel and Daniel Hubener had a baby girl 
Sheina and Mendel Jafee had a baby girl
Ruti and Asher Kaplan had a baby girl 
Sophia and Ariel Licht had a baby girl 
Liora and Josh Liggett ahd a baby girl 
Ariella and Rom Leibner had a baby girl 
Yehudis and Avrami Levitin had twins, a boy and a girl
Tzippy and shimmy Lowinger had a baby boy 
Leah and Yossi Nussbaum had a baby girl
Rochel and Pinchos Levy had a baby girl
Yutty and Avrohom Polinger had a baby boy
Deb and Kiva Rabinsky had a boy
Chana Sara and Sendy Segal had a baby Boy
Nadia and Steven Simon had a baby girl
Malka and Elchonon Solomon had a baby girl
Karina and Marcelo Wassemeinn had a baby girl
Ilanit and Aaron Zakowski had a baby girl
Tatyana and Dovid Zamir had a baby boy
Peshy and Nosson Zand had a baby boy 

Noa Engle and Zevy Block 
Chaya Baron and Hershy Gutnick 
Sarah Kahn Kashani and Jay Gutovich
Esther Wineberg and Yossi Shemtov 
Chana Katz and Michoel Weisz 

Bar Mitzvahs:
Michoel and Neamah Hakimi on the bar mitzvah of their son Menachem Mendel

May we continue to celebrate only Simchas