Countless Meaningful Moments With Birthright Israel: Mayanot

"THAT'S A WRAP" shared the new Director of Mayanot's Birthright Israel division to his team via email, marking the culmination of the Summer 2019 season. 

With Mayanot Bus #651 boarding El  Al Flight 007 to NYC on Tuesday morning, the season officially came to an end.

Mayanot has the privilege of bringing authentic Yiddishkeit (Judaism) and true Israel pride to the next leaders of the Jewish people and the world, and it is our absolute privilege to do so. 

These countless meaningful moments are why our team continues to put in the hard work, and long hours. They know and see the results of participants getting inspired everyday. 

Summer 2019, by the numbers:
  • 3,023 Participants
  • 562 Mifgashim (soldiers joining trips)
  • 79 Tour Educators & 12 Madrichim Chevrati'im 
  • 162 USA Staff 
  • 1 Terrific new partner - Camp Avoda
  • 1 New YJP Partner all the way from Utah!
  • 38 Campus based trips
  • 2 Campuses with 3 or more groups
  • 6 Campuses with 2 or more groups
  • Only 2 killer heatwaves
  • 2 Groups on Birthright in Brussels!
  • 1 Visit from the USA Ambassador to Israel 
  • 53 Group Shabbat dinners in the Old City, or nearby
  • 547 People setup for Shabbat home hospitality
  • Countless of meaningful Jewish and Israel moments! 
We wanted to highlight this special moment from one of our new age 27-32 trips:

Please enjoy some of our teams favorite pictures from the season.

If you want to get involved or team up with us, 
please email: [email protected]