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A Shavuot to Remember at Mayanot

By: Avraham Goldstein
At Mayanot, we learned that the giving of the Torah is not something that happened only in the past. It’s something that we experience every year on Shavuot. Even more so, Chassidus explains that a Jew in his divine service should view the Torah and mitzvahs as new every day.
After Maariv and a festive meal, we had a very long night ahead of us. Shavuot at Mayanot was draining physically and spiritually (in a good way!). While staying up all night, pounding down XL energy drinks and sugary, salty snacks, reciting the Tikkun (special passages that achieve a spiritual correction when read), we were entertained with classes such as Rabbi Silberg’s “Why do In-laws Always Interfere?”
When the clock struck 4 in the morning, many Jews were going to sleep, but not us! How could we sleep with the Kotel right down the street? As we were marching as an army together down Yaffo Street, it seemed like the thousands of other Jews walking to the Kotel were joining us on a pilgrima…

**Featured Student**

Name: Elizabeth 'Liz' Halpern
Age: 22
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Education: BA in Philosophy (University of Colorado)
Started at Mayanot: June 2012

How did you hear about Mayanot?
I heard about Mayanot from friends who have studied here. I also heard about it from my rabbi (Chabad on Campus).

What made you decide to come and learn at Mayanot?
I wanted to learn more about Judaism. Also, I was graduating and wanted to take some time to decide what I wanted to do with my life.

What is the best part of Mayanot?
The classes and the sense of community that I get from the girls and the teachers. I love the fact that alumni come back and always seem to have a connection, even after they leave Mayanot.

Do you have any advice for incoming students on living in Jerusalem?
Be determined to speak Hebrew with Israelis, even if they try to speak English to you.  

What are your plans for the future?
I'm going back home in a month from now. I have a job at Keshet, which is an organization that helps…

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