Jerusalem Day

What a game! In honor of Jerusalem Day, which starts tonight, the Mayanot Men’s Program headed to Kraft Stadium to enjoy some well deserved down time outside of the Beit Midrash. Students, a.k.a. the “Colored Shirts”, took on the rabbis out in the field in an intense student vs. faculty soccer match. Despite the hot and sunny weather (30 degrees!), everyone managed to stay hydrated and keep their energy up.

Teachers and students alike showed some great enthusiasm and camaraderie on the field. The MVPs on the students’ team were Solomon Braun and Aron Bulko, who showed real athleticism and were great team players as well. Rabbi Kaplan, who showed up in his trusty blue hat, was a great sport, and even surprised us with his skills when he head butted the ball. Rabbi Gestetner strengthened the teachers’ team by playing some quality “footie” as well, mate.

Mrs. Moss (Rabbi Moss’s wife) and her kids joined in on the fun and cheered from the bleachers. Some students’ wives, including Mrs. Aron Bulko and Mrs. Wayne Shmidt, showed up to support their men as well.  

Towards the end of the game, Meir Komar, along with his team, fired up the barbeque and started cooking up hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken on the grill. Of course, Michael was also there, handing out water bottles to the sweaty and exhausted players.

So what was the score? Who won? I say, who cares? Great fun was had by all. Our day at Kraft Stadium was a refreshing way to enjoy good friends, good food and good fun in the Jerusalem sun.