The In's & Out's of Jewish Dating: Join us Sunday!

After having recently launched Mayanot Connects an amazing new initiative for Mayanot alumni, we want to start off by giving our alumni the tools moving forward in the dating process. We are happy to announce these online classes at no cost, accessible from anywhere in the world, for both men and women, independently. 

Mayanot Connects Presents: The In's & Out's of Jewish Dating Experienced Jewish matchmakers share insights, coaching tips, Resume building and a special Q&A for the Mayanot alumni community. Live Online. No charge.
FOR MEN Experienced & much sought after matchmaker & dating coach, having helped hundreds of singles, Moishe Raitman speaks with us!
SUN. JUNE 21, 2020
1:30pm EST Zoom Meeting ID: 835 8696 7765
Password: Mayanot Zoom Link:
FOR WOMEN Professional matchmaker and dating mentor, having made over ninety shidduchim, Shandel Blasberg speaks with us!
SUN. JUNE 28, 2020
1:30pm EST

Mayanot Connects

A global Mayanot initiative helping to move you from the Beit Midrash to your Jewish Home.  Mayanot Connects, a new initiative, aims to help Mayanot alumni meet their prospective spouse through the Shidduch system. We aspire to help our students in integrating into Jewish life and community as smoothly and easily as possible.  We have partnered with ChabadMatch to create more channels and opportunities for each of our alumni to meet their future spouse. Together, we are bringing like-minded men and women to the same place, online.As Dean, Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner shared, "When we founded Mayanot over 20 years ago, we thought we were creating an educational institute and that is true, but what we soon found out was that simultaneously the Mayanot family was created. So for those alumni who are interested in getting married, we want to be there, as a family, to help."Many of the dedicated shadchanim we have on board are part of the Mayanot family, including staff and alumni. They …

Mayanot Launches Online Yeshiva

Mayanot launches unique summer on-line courses for all levels to teach Jews all over the world “how to learn” Torah
The Jerusalem-based Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is getting set to launch a unique online summer learning program. This will enable men and women from all over the world to expand their Torah-learning skill set from the comfort of their homes. Register here.
A pre-summer “pilot” of on-line classes will be offered starting May 20, via the Zoom video conferencing platform to the general public. Mayanot’s formal summer semester of courses will be offered starting June 15, with three separate levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced Torah classes. There will be courses offered at convenient hours to accommodate Mayanot’s global student body. In addition, a special program will be offered on Sundays to accommodate those unavailable to learn during the week.
According to Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov, Executive Director of Mayanot, “Over the years the institution ha…

Zoom Recordings

At Mayanot we believe strongly in the power of sharing Torah, spreading it and learning together. Therefore in addition to our Soundcloud and Spotify channels with thousands of hours of Torah online, we are happy to share our recent Zoom recordings with you to enjoy during these #Coronatimes.
As more teachers add links, we will continue to include them here:

Rabbi Kaplan's Chassidus class:
1. Link  Password: [email protected]!N^+=
2. Link  Password: 8T&M+=*D
3. Link  Password: 8t&i*T&6
4. Link Password: 7k!a92^&
5. Link Password: 3M.V*&L1
6. Link 
7. Link 
8. Link 
9. Link
11. Link 
12. Link 
13. Link 
14. Link 
15. Link 
16. Link 
17. Link 
18. Link   Morning - (Tuf Resh Samech Heh)
19. Link   Morning 
20. Link   Morning 
21. Link   -
22. Link   Evening 23. Link   Morning  24. Link   Morning 25. Link  - 26. Link   Evening 27. Link   Evening 28. Link   Morning - (Mayim Rabim)
29. Link   Morning  30. Link   Morning 31. Link   Morning  32.

Passover Insights From A Mayanot Alum

Written by: Jake Greenstein, 2020 Men's Program Alum
Freedom is often split into two categories: freedomto, and freedomfrom. The former is a state where I am free to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Freedom is an assertion about my rights. A libertarian utopia. A life without restraint, without limitations. The latter is a state in which I transcend my own engrained limitations to reach something outside of my immediate grasp; a piece of me that lies beyond my experience of me.
Passover asks us to relive the exodus from Egypt and, in doing so, recall the transition from slavery to freedom. By retelling the story of our ancestors leaving Mitzrayim, we are encouraged to identify our personal Mitzrayim (meaning “boundary”) and use Passover as a springboard to greater freedom.
When we reflect on what makes us free in Western Democracy, the United States Bill of Rights comes to mind. It enables us to seek "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" on our own accord; spell…

Mayanot Goes Viral With Global Learning During Covid-19

(Mayanot Women's Program online global Fabrengen) 
We are truly living in unprecedented times. The Israeli Ministry of Health has placed the entire country on a near total lockdown. Schools, restaurants, malls, and places of entertainment, have all been closed. And as of this writing, the ministry is encouraging all Israelis to stay at home 24/7, besides for trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, or any other purposes which constitute an emergency. This is all the result of a tiny microbe, the COVID – 19 or Coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc on the world community.
While we might be experiencing a sense of despair, of isolation or loneliness, at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, we have the cure! No, let’s not misunderstand - despite the fact that scientists are hard at work trying to find a vaccine for the virus, while we might not have the Corona cure just yet, we do have the cure for the situation at hand - the continued learning of Torah and a deep faith in G-d. 
Thanks to…

Mayanot Update: Covid-19

For the many people who have inquired, as per the Israeli Health Ministries regulations, Mayanot has made several changes: smaller shifts in the dining room, changes in the dorm area, dividing classes into smaller groups, etc, in order to keep all of the students staying in the Yeshivah as safe as possible! 

We are working on an online school for our students and alumni who have gone home early for Pesach break and will hopefully have more information soon.

Let us increase our Torah learning, and continue to spread light, elevating the physical world as much as we can!
#mayanotstayingstrong #mayanotspreadinglight

View our executive director, Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov's, message update on Covid-19, by clicking here.