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I first came to Mayanot in June 2012 for the summer program as an 'unexpected arrival'. I was on the verge of losing my faith in humanity, faith in myself, even my faith in G-d. Now, I am not a changed or completely different person, but rather a refined version of who I always was. How does one sum up an experience like Mayanot? Are we just learning more about Judaism? No, it is so much more than that. We are reclaiming who we always were, finding out where we want to go from here, and focusing on how to attain that. If I were to write a letter to my soul, it would go something like this: Dear Soul, I haven't quite figured out if this is a letter of apology, or one of validation. I'm sorry for everything that I've put you through; the endless hours of contemplation, introspection and for the difficult life questions. I'm sorry if your ego got hurt or deflated more than once, but it was bound to happen. There's