From the IDF to Mayanot

Upon completing my service in the IDF I decided to join Mayanot to broaden my knowledge of Judaism and to spend quality time devoted to Torah and Chassidus study.

Having come from a religious Chabad family, I have always had a passion for Chabad, but in truth I have never really applied myself to the learning or the way of life. I took everything for granted and never understood why I was living my life in this particular way.

So I chose to enroll at Mayanot. I was ready for a new beginning. I was ready to invest in becoming a more focused and dedicated Jew. Mayanot is the perfect place. Its’ students come from such a diverse range of Jewish backgrounds, and yet, the Yeshiva manages to cater to the needs of all individuals.

You are not forced to learn or grow, but just by being in this meaningful and inspiring environment that is all you want to do. It is non-judgmental. Each student grows at his own pace. The Yeshiva inspires you to want to become more knowledgeable and to want to commit to a life of Torah and Chassidus.

The combination of learning in the heart of our Holy city of Jerusalem, in an environment that is imbued with warmth and passion projected by the most dedicated and committed Staff - makes the Mayanot experience one in a million, a privilege that I will carry in my heart forever.

By: Monnis Sarchi, Current Mayanot Student